Welcome to Athens MakerSpace!

The makerspace movement is sweeping the world and is
now coming to Athens...


Makerspaces provide workspace, tools, skilled instruction and other types of support to help people learn new skills, explore their creative passions, start new businesses and grow existing businesses.

There are over 300 existing and planned makerspaces in the United States, helping drive a $29 billion locally-made goods economy that doubled in size in the last decade. This is part of a third industrial revolution which is putting the power to design and make things back in the hands of individuals and small firms in local communities.

YOU could develop new skills, start a hobby, grow your business or start a new business by accessing the tools, expert instruction and community of fellow makers at Athens MakerSpace.

YOU could share your expertise to help your neighbors pursue their creative and entrepreneurial passions.

What do YOU want to learn, teach, make, fix or upcycle? Please tell us by taking our survey at the link below.

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ReUse Industries is launching Athens MakerSpace with several partners including: Rural Action, Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, Ohio University’s Innovation Center, toy designer/maker and woodworking teacher David Wakefield
and many community volunteers.

We are grateful for financial support we’ve received from many sources to make Athens MakerSpace a reality, including ReUse Industries’ thrift store donors and customers, the Sugar Bush Foundation, the Athens Foundation, the Charles G. O’Bleness Foundation, the One Foundation, the Appalachian Regional Commission, the William Beale Legacy Fund and numerous individual donors.

After we move the ReUse Tool Library to the site and complete renovations, Athens MakerSpace will open at 751 W. Union St. in Athens. We have space to grow as we get more community input on priorities for tools, workspace and instruction (please take our survey at the link below).

Like the ReUse Tool Library, makerspaces are part of a collaborative, sharing economy. Most makerspaces operate like gyms, where people become members in order to gain access to facilities, equipment and assistance they do not have resources to secure or manage on their own. Athens MakerSpace will offer memberships to community members as well as classes/workshops/events for both members and non-members. We will finalize our membership rates and initial class/event schedule after we get more community input (please take our survey at the link below).


We will open our initial workspaces in the next few months, after renovations, and will continue planning other workspaces based on ongoing community input (take our survey at the link below).

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