Athens MakerSpace is for fixers.

Are you a fixer? Do you want to be? Are there fixing skills you want to learn or teach?

Please tell us by taking our survey at the link below.

Did you know?

Fixing is a form of making. It takes something that is otherwise useless and discarded and turns it into something with value. It is also a “lost art” in a society where we often feel at the whim of manufacturers who would prefer us to give up on repairing our gadgets and buy new ones.

ReUse Industries tests, researches, repairs and refurbishes items donated to our thrift store on Columbus Road and offers Fix-It Workshops to help community members repair their own belongings. Going forward, Fix-It Workshops will be held at Athens MakerSpace. We will also offer specialized repair training and assistance based on community interest.

If you have fixing skills you want to offer and repairs you need help with, please take our survey at the link below.

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