Athens MakerSpace is for upcyclers.

Upcycling means creating new products from otherwise discarded materials. Successful upcycling means new jobs for our region, new locally-made, lower-carbon products and a lower consumer carbon footprint.

Are you an upcycler? Do you want to be? How can Athens MakerSpace help?

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Did you Know?

Almost 1/3 of CO2 emissions in the U.S. result from the energy required to produce, transport and dispose of consumer products. The average American discards 70 pounds of clothing annually, spurred by a wasteful “fast fashion” industry. Making upcycled products from locally-available discarded materials is an important way to address this problem.

ReUse Industries’ annual ReUse Competition drew entries from almost 200 people in 22 municipalities in eight counties in its first two years in categories including artistic, home/garden, clothing/jewelry/fashion and technology. We just announced the third annual competition - Nov 1 registration deadline, Nov 12 exhibition and awards event at the Hocking College gymnasium. Please see details here Third Annual ReUse Competition

ReUse also provides materials and tools to many creative upcyclers in our region, and we’ll be able to do even more of this for members and class-takers in our makerspace.

We will be selling locally-made upcycled products and upcycling supplies at Athens MakerSpace.

If you are an upcycler or want to be, please let us know how Athens MakerSpace can help by taking our survey at the link below.

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